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The creation story of Mother Earth

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This story is one of the first stories I have ever received from trees.  

It was more than 20 years ago, during my shamanic initiation - after studying for several years, I reached a level where I was ready to receive my shamanic name – a shamanic name is a secret name that is used mainly in the spirit world, receiving this name comes after a personal initiation ceremony.

The ceremony that my teacher guided was magical, gentle and beautiful, all the other students took part, and I was deeply touched by it all.

After the ceremony, I was full with gratitude and decided that I wanted to give something in return.

During that time I was working in Tel Aviv, one day before I started working, I sat with a tree in the city centre and asked for a story that I could give to my fellow students and my beloved teachers, to show my appreciation.

The tree was happy to help and gave me a story that describes the creation of Mother Earth.

 And here is the story...

The Creation story of Mother Earth

A long time ago,

Before the oldest woman was born,

Before the oldest tree was a seed,

Before the oldest mountain was formed…

It was during the times that Mother Earth didn’t have a body, she was still a beautiful spirit travelling in the endless space. 

One day Mother Earth knew that she wanted to have a body - a body that would be the perfect place for her future children to live on. But, what would that body look like? She didn’t know, all she could feel was the enormous love for her children that one day would live on her body. She was wondering and wondering, and then… 

A beautiful spirit, all covered in bright blue scarves, that were moving like gentle waves around her, was flying towards her, she was the spirit of the water - emissary of grandma moon. 

She came to Mother Earth and told her “Cover your body with water - great oceans with waves and endless depths. That would be the best body for your children - the water would be constantly moving and changing, and your children would enjoy the endless dance of the waves. They would have magical depths to explore and the light of grandma moon would sparkle on your water…” 

Mother Earth was so touched by this idea “Cover myself in water, waves, movement and depths… it’s such a lovely idea”, yet, she felt that there was still something missing…” So she kept wandering, while feeling the great love that was in her… 

Then the spirit of the squirrel came, he was sent by the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life stands in the centre of the universe and connects the three worlds and all that is around. The spirit of the squirrel came to Mother Earth and told her, “Cover your body with trees, forests and jungles- tall trees, wide trees – oaks, pines, beeches, hawthorns and yews – cover yourself with bushes, grass and herbs  - that would be the perfect body for your children, everything would be lively, lush and vibrant, and your children would be able to live between the roots, around the trunks or up on the branches, everything around them would be green and vibrant, and you would have the avatars of the Tree of Life clinging their roots to your body”. 

Mother Earth was thrilled by the idea - She imagined herself all covered with a rustle of leaves and green beauty. yet, she still felt that there was something missing and she didn’t know what… 

She knew what she wanted, she wanted her children to have a perfect home, she wanted a body that would represent her love for them, and kept wondering what type of body would it be.  

The third to come was the desert spirit, she came from the furthest and the most remote realms of the universe. she was all covered in yellow, brown and orange translucent mantles, surrounded by mystery.

She flew silently and gently towards Mother Earth and told her “Don’t cover your body with anything, leave it bare and naked - desert, stones and rocks, dunes of yellow sand, winds that blow upon your skin- in this way, your children would always be close to you, feel your body, without anything to divide them from you…” 

Mother Earth was enchanted by this suggestion, how wonderful it would be, simple and naked, skin to skin with her children…, yet, she still felt that there was something missing…  

Then came the spirit of the butterfly, flying gently with beautiful, colourful wings towards Mother Earth - she came from dimensions of beauty that shine in the eternal space…  “Cover your body with flowers, in every colour and shape – blue and red, yellow and pink, purple, orange and more, and deep in your body grow shiny crystals of many colours… in this way, your children would always be surrounded by beauty and colours, and your body would be a place of joy and celebrations…” 

Mother Earth was completely captivated by this suggestion, how blissful it would be, wearing all the colours while hugging her children with beauty – that would be wonderful!

Yet, still, she felt that this was not exactly what she was wishing for…  

She kept wondering and wondering, feeling so strongly the enormous love she had.

And this love was a fire, magical fire of love gleaming in her. And the more she was wondering, the more this fire grew, it grew and grew, more and more till she turned into a huge blazing fire ball, and this fire was all that she was, a huge fire of love, burning, gleaming and radiating love.

The four emissaries looked at her, mesmerized by the beauty, completely enchanted…. and in one moment they dived into the fire and disappeared in the love.

Then, the fire started to diminish, slowly slowly, till it turned into a ball of ever-glowing fire of love, deep inside of Mother Earth.

Only then Mother Earth opened her eyes and looked at her body – she was covered with oceans - waves and depths, between the oceans, lay lands - covered with trees and full of life, in other parts she saw that her body was completely bare - wide landscapes of deserts, dunes and rocks, and between all of that – flowers, in every colour and shape, flowers on the land, flowers on the trees, flowers in the oceans and deep within her, flowers of crystals.

Mother Earth was so excited to see her body, it was all she could wish for, and it was a body of love, a perfect place for her children to live.

Her heart was so full of joy and satisfaction that one teardrop fell slowly from her eyes. At that moment the sun rose for the first time - we always get from the outside what we have inside, and she had a ball of fire in her…

When the sun shone upon the tear of Mother Earth, the first rainbow appeared.

And since that time till our days, there is an ever-glowing fire ball of love deep in the body of our mother, and we can still enjoy the wonderful world she created for us.

The End

I hope that you enjoyed the story, it is given with love and you can share it with others – tell it in your workshops to your students, clients, or kids or in any other opportunity.

Please, just mention that the story comes from Ria the storyteller, who travels around Europe and listens to old trees.

If you want to be updated, each time a new story in English is uploaded to the website join a silent whatsapp group that has been created only for posting updates about stories.

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Feb 12

Wonderful, Ria! Thank you for writing it in English! To this and more...

Ria Storyteller
Ria Storyteller
Feb 12
Replying to

It is my pure pleasure to share it with you.

More stories in English will come.

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